Automotive Services:

Todays car are more complex then ever, thats why we stay current with classes for our techs and  equipment and all
car makers

Here are just some of the  services that we offer:

Computer Diagnostics

Computers are the heart and soul of you car, thats way we use state of the art diagnostic computers that are
updated at least once a month to stay current with all car makers and to diagnose you vehicle right the first time.

We now are one of the only shops in the area that can perform factory computer reprogramming and

Updating your vehicles computers is becoming more important then ever.
Manufactures are constantly putting out service bulletins to update computers.(either for a problem
with the software or to improve the performance of the vehicle

Oil and Filter Changes

Drain and refill motor oil,replace filter,check and top off all fluid levels, check fill air pressure in tires
and perform a basic safety inspection .

State and Emission Inspections

We perform ASM testing (pre 1996) and OBD2(1996 to current) on site to expedite you repairs. We say current with
state laws and regulations to emissions and safety inspections.

2 and 4 wheel alignments

We use top of the line hunter alignment systems. We update or systems yearly to keep up with OEM specs and
current vehicles.

Brake Work

We do more them just put on a set of brakes. When check you whole brake system to make shore it is functioning
properly, and grease all pivot points and resurface or replace brake rotors or drums as needed.

Collision Service

Here at Tomassian's Auto we also offer collision service. Anything from a small dent to a major collision repair. We
us Chassisliner Frame straightening equipment and  measuring system so that your vehicle will  looks and drive like
the day it was new.

Engine and Transmission Work

We can replace or repair your engine or transmission. We use top quality replacement engines and transmissions
Jasper Engines. They offer 3 years 100,000 mile warranty.

These are just some of the things Tomassian's Auto are capable of handling, if you need a repair on your car or
truck we do everything in our power to get you back on the road fast.